About Paqqets

Paqqets, LLC

At Paqqets, our mission is to provide easy and secure file transfer and messaging between any two people or applications without creating new accounts, extra work, or disrupting existing workflows and habits.

The convenience and ubiquity of email and text messaging has ingrained them into our workflows and business processes to the detriment of security and privacy. Paqqets preserve email and text messaging for notification and workflow purposes only. The payload (files and messages) are securely uploaded, encrypted and held as individual Paqqets in “Escrow” until the recipient responds to the notification and is authenticated in accordance with the policy determined by the content owner.

Convenience should not mean sacrificing security or privacy anymore. Paqqets allow users to enjoy the same ease of use as before without putting sensitive information at risk for hacking and unauthorized access. Learn more about Paqqets.

We’re a brand new company, with a unique product. Stay tuned for more information.

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