Putting sensitive info in email and texts?
Be Smart. Send Paqqets.

Convenience shouldn't mean sacrificing privacy.

We know that a tremendous amount of information that falls into unintended hands was – at one point – emailed or texted. Whether an intended recipient forwards an email on to an unwanted person or a data breach years in the future allows critical information to be misused, once it’s in email or a text, the content it contains is largely out of the owner’s control. With Paqqets, you don't need to provide passwords or accounts on your system. Users still receive notifications via email and text messages and authentication keeps the content from being accessed by unauthorized users. Learn More

One email, two users...six copies!

Proliferation of your sensitive data may be happening without you even knowing it. We know that cloud-based email has been particularly useful as people have begun to use multiple devices to access their email. As a result, one user may store mail on the server, a desktop, a laptop, and a phone in various combinations. Many times a copy is made on at least 2 or 3 different local mail boxes in addition to the one on the cloud. Depending on how well these are managed, synchronized, and backed up, each device may have a different combination of email accounts and data and backups may be in various other places as well. Learn more

Forever is a long time

We know that many email boxes are stuffed with years of emails and attachments and many phones have every text they ever sent on them. That data, while often not the specific target of hackers is a treasure trove once they manage to gain access to a device and/or account. Consumers also find that information they would have preferred remain private has been discovered when another friend or family member has access to a device or shared account. Paqqets keep the sensitive data safe until the owner decides to delete it. It never ends up in email or a text message to be hacked later. When you use Paqqets, you control how long the data is available and we confirm receipt and deletion so you know what's happened. Learn More

How private is my data?

Email and texts, due to their ultimate flexibility in terms of interoperability across mail systems, carriers, etc., are not particularly appropriate for securing the content they often carry. Just by “being” email and texts, they provide an obvious target for hackers and a concentration of information for unintended access. People often use email to transmit electronic documents containing sensitive financial information, critical Identification components such as passwords, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, etc. When a data breach occurs, or a device is lost or stolen, it could be years later that the information is discovered. Using Paqqets protects your sensitive data from being accessed without the appropriate level of authentication. Learn more